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The EmpowerSites.com Network provides free expert life (wellness), college success, marketing, and written communications information through empowering and transformative tools and resources across several Websites.

The Empowering Sites Network is a content compendium with a mission to help you improve your life... all with free tools, expert advice, and links to the best resources to help you succeed in these areas:

  • College Achievement
  • Vocabulary and Writing
  • Health and Wellness
  • Nature and Adventure
  • Life Success Tools
  • Marketing and SEO (for small businesses)

The founders content providers for all of these sites are two college professors with doctoral degrees who share a passion for empowering people with knowledge and skills to live better lives. We want to ensure your college, workplace, and life success by helping you strengthen your vocabulary and enhance your writing and communications.

We want to inspire you to live longer and healthier lives by offering practical advice, not fads.

We believe in the power of nature in renewing our spirits and ourselves, and we provide tools and advice on how to respect and visit our many state and national parks, lakes, rivers, and more.

We are also small business owners with a proven track record of successful marketing and search engine optimization efforts, and we want others to have the same success we have had.

Empowering Sites Network

  • MyCollegeSuccessStory.com -- tips and tools for academic success at the college level. Read more.
  • EnhanceMyVocabulary.com -- tools and resources for strengthening your vocabulary. Read more.
  • EnhanceMyWriting.com -- strategies and resources for improving your writing. Read more.
  • EmpoweringRetreat.com -- empowering tools for a healthy and happy life. Read more.
  • EmpoweringParks.com -- celebrating the transformative nature of our state and national parks, forests, lakes, rivers, and all open spaces. Read more.
  • JenRanAdventures.com -- a travel and nature blog that follows the adventures of EmpoweringParks.com's Randall and Jenny Hansen, along with al their amazing photographs.
  • EmpoweringAdvice.com -- practical and useful life hacks, tips, tools, suggestions, how-to articles, and more for succeeding in key aspects of life, living, and adventure.
  • EnhanceMyMarketing.com -- assisting individuals and businesses succeed in marketing and search engine optimization efforts. Read more.

  • The Empowering Sites Network Creator:

    • RandallSHansen.com -- official site of Dr. Randall S. Hansen, CEO of the EmpoweringSites Network, and a marketing educator, guru, and entrepreneur.

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