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Empowering sites designed to help all people strengthen your vocabulary, building your writing, communications skills.

We host two empowering sites designed to improve/build your vocabulary and enhance your writing abilities.


EnhanceMyVocabulary.com is dedicated to helping build and improve your vocabulary and word power, with tools for building and stretching your vocabulary... as well tools for learning about basic parts of speech and preparing for vocabulary-related tests.


EnhanceMyWriting.com is focused on providing a deep collection of the best writing resources -- for students as well as professionals -- for writing term papers to detailed reports, with links to all sorts of reference materials, writing labs, writing-related sites, and more.

The Empowering Sites Network Creator:

  • RandallSHansen.com -- official site of Dr. Randall S. Hansen, CEO of the EmpoweringSites Network, and a marketing educator, guru, and entrepreneur.

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