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Empowering sites designed to improve your health, vitality, wellness, as well as your appreciation for nature, outdoors.

We have two sites focused on health, wellness, vitality, and the outdoors. We consider spending time in nature as an extremely important component of wellness.


EmpoweringRetreat.com is our main wellness site. It includes a wide variety of free expert content related to these topics: health and medicine, fitness and exercise, food and nutrition, spirituality and religion, serenity and well-being, and work-life balance. It also includes links to the best sites and blogs on all these topics.


EmpoweringParks.com is a site designed to inspire you to get outside and visit one of your local state or national parks. It celebrates the transformative nature of our state and national parks, forests, lakes, rivers, seashores, and all open spaces. Find pictures, guides, and links to help you plan your next visit.

The Empowering Sites Network Creator:

  • RandallSHansen.com -- official site of Dr. Randall S. Hansen, CEO of the EmpoweringSites Network, and a marketing educator, guru, and entrepreneur.

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